Smart Slumber: High-Tech Devices to Help You Sleep

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These intelligent devices will help you fall, and remain, asleep for a full, restful night

Not much is more important to your health and wellbeing than a good night’s sleep. But getting to dreamland—and staying there—can be easier said than done.

Fortunately, smart technology has not abandoned those who struggle with slumber. From sleep-focused wearables to automated mattresses and snore mitigation devices, connected tech has a solution for those who need help to doze.

Below, a few options from the world of smart sleep technology.

Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro’s goal is to improve your sleep and help you get there faster. How will it do that? Through cutting edge neuroscience technology, of course. The watch-like wearable is wrapped around the wrist or ankle and then emits low frequency sound waves—vibrations that you can’t hear—that are calibrated to balance out your nervous system and help control your heart rate variability. The effect is similar to controlled and conscious breathing but with vibrations via the wrist, and the end result, as Apollo has found through many clinical studies, is users who fall asleep quicker and enjoy more restful slumber. And Apollo isn’t just built as a sleep aid. The device has many vibration programs, selectable via an accompanying app, to achieve different effects, be it energizing or relaxation, all working off the same core neuroscience.

The Apollo Neuro is available in six colors for $349.

Sleep Number 360 c4 Bed with FlexFit 3 Smart Base

Your slumber troubles may begin and end with your primary sleep aid—your bed. And if that’s the case, then it’s time to upgrade to the Sleep Number 360 c4 Bed with FlexFit 3 Smart Base. This brainy bed is built to effortlessly escort you to the land of dreams, and keep you there comfortably, all night long. In addition to featuring the ability to easily adjust the comfort and firmness of each side of the bed (your “Sleep Number”), the 360 ​​c4 with SmartBase includes feet warmers, endless head and foot positions (including zero-G), and will automatically responds to your movements while you are unconscious, instantaneously adjusting firmness where needed to maintain your Sleep Number and keep you snoozing all night long. 360 users can control all their bed’s functions easily from their smart device, and can track their sleep quality through a whole suite of SleepIQ analytics provided by Sleep Number.

The Sleep Number 360 c4 Bed with FlexFit 3 Smart Base is available for $3,698.

Smart Nora

Sometimes the biggest impediment to your sleep is the person right next to you. If you share a bed with a snorer, get the relief you both need with the Smart Nora. A contact-free snoring solution, the Smart Nora consists of a pebble-shaped bedside monitor and an inflatable pillowcase insert—and it works ever so simply. When the monitor detects the early signs of snoring, it begins to gently inflate the pillowcase insert, gently and unobtrusively raising the snores head and curbing the snoring. Who knew the path to snore-free nights was so simple.

Smart Nora is available for $359.


If the baby isn’t sleeping, nobody is sleeping, so if your baby isn’t sleeping it may be time to invest in a Cradlewise. Billing itself as the “world’s smartest crib,” the Cradlewise features a built-in baby monitor that detects the first signs of your child waking up, at which point the crib begins to gently bounce, in a fashion mimicking the movement of a parent, sweetly coaxing your young one back to sleep. When your baby is once again slumbering, the Cradlewise ceases its movement, until it detects another stirring. The end result? Restful nights that are so important to babies and parents.

The Cradlewise is available for $1,699.

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