Gross or glam? These ‘mega wispy’ lashes divide the internet

This isn’t what they mean by long and lush.

A beauty tech, 25-year-old Noa L., shared her controversial eyelash extensions online, sparking a heated debate over the extravagantly fluffy peepers.

In one clip viewed 1.8 million times, the Detroit-based beautician revealed a 28-millimeter set of lashes so thick and long that the client’s eyelids were hidden and the upper set touched her brows. In addition to “glitter spikes” in the extensions, even the bottom lash line got the fluffy treatment.

Calling them “mega wispy,” Noa’s lashes garnered quite the debate online, with viewers saying it must be hard for the client to open her eyes given how long they are.

“Yall doing too much with these lashes now man,” one user chided.

“You can’t be freakin serious,” another shocked commenter wrote.

The “mega wispy” lashes received mixed reviews on Instagram, where Noa touts her clients’ looks.
Client with fluffy lashes
Not only were the lashes slammed online, but the client’s alleged faux freckles took a hit, too.

As viewers slammed the client’s faux freckles, too, others gushed over just how lush the lashes looked, showering the comments section in heart-eye emojis.

“This is a whole other level,” one user applauded.

“My gaaaaaawd,” wrote another.

“This is gorgeous,” said someone else.

Fluffy lash extensions
In subsequent videos, Noa shared other clients’ enormous lash extensions.

Other users, who appeared to be clients of Noa’s, weren’t surprised by the extravagant lashes, even asking for a similar set at their next appointments.

A few haters won’t deter Noa — who already boasts more than 53,000 Instagram followers — from experimenting with extensions. More clips on her page show a variety of clients receiving the viral fluffy lashes, with some adding even a touch of red, some blue or even neon hues.

But not everyone can rock the full glam look. Some people are sensitive to the cosmetic adhesive used in lash extensions, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA said allergic reactions, irritation and injury in the delicate eye area can occur when using falsies.

In fact, lash extensions have been known to cause intense, adverse reactions in people — which also typically go viral online — including extreme swelling and itching. One woman even said she looked like she went “ten rounds with Mike Tyson” after putting on lashes.

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