Explore Great Sand Dunes During A Free Smartphone Photography Workshop

Photographer Taz Tally wants to help you get the best photos you can with your smartphone while visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park / V3

Join photographer Taz Tally at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado for a free smartphone photography workshop on October 1-2. During the workshop you’ll learn how to capture high-quality, memorable images with your smartphone – no big or expensive camera gear required.

Great photography is fundamentally based on good composition, the quality of the light, and patience. While more gear can help you execute and expand your creative capabilities, no amount of equipment can compose an image, choose the best lighting, or know when to release the shutter. During this course you will shoot alongside Taz and use compositional tools such as simplicity, asymmetry, eye lines and point of view, and you’ll shoot during the prime lighting periods of late afternoon and early mornings.

You’ll explore and capture eye-catching still images and videos of numerous fascinating features that Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve offers, using only your Smartphone. Workshop participants also will take advantage of October’s low angle sunlight, warm natural lighting, fall colors at lower elevations and early winter snows on the surrounding high peaks and ridgelines.

Taz will also show you some simple, easy-to-access, Smartphone editing tools that will help you improve your images. Taz is also offering a special night-time photography session for those interested in low-light outdoor photography.

Participants will learn to:

  • Create eye-catching compositions
  • Capture portraits of nature
  • Shoot Macros of textures and fabrics
  • Photograph stunning panoramas
  • Shoot nature videos
  • Utilize slow motion photography
  • Create audio/video portraits and journals
  • Apply simple editing techniques
  • Capture images at night

Daytime and Evening Classes

Taz will be offering two free daytime sessions and one free nighttime class:

  • Daytime Session 1: Saturday afternoon October 1, 4pm
  • Nighttime Session: Saturday evening October 1, 8pm*
  • Daytime Session 2: Sunday morning October 2, 6:00am

*Tripod recommended for nighttime session

All sessions are free, but space is limited and signup is required. Please call the visitor center at 719-378-6395. If you get voicemail, leave the name(s) and number(s) of the persons who wish to sign up, and which session(s) you are requesting. Please state your phone number twice, as phone connections in rural areas sometimes cut out parts of a recording. A staff member will return your call and let you know if there is still space for you. You will be instructed on where to meet when you make the reservation. These workshops are free, but regular park entrance fees are in effect. If the entrance station is not staffed when you arrive, you may pay the entrance fee online. The park is open 24/7.

This special event is made possible by Western National Parks Association.

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