Bradley Cooper look alike caught shoplifting in Georgia shop

Bradley Cooper’s doppelganger was recently caught shoplifting in Georgia, and netizens have now sharde hilarious reactions.

Being famous or being a lookalike of someone who is famous comes with his own set of problems. Case at point, a doppelganger of Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper was recently spotted by police in Georgia, US, after he was caught shoplifting in a CCTV footage. A recent Facebook post shared last week showed the man, who is yet to be identified, displaying uncanny resemblance to the American Sniper actor.

The pictures shared by Henry County Police, Georgia shows the man dressed in an olive green t-shirt, blue jeans, and a cap. The man also sported a beer belly as he was captured in the CCTV cameras. The Facebook post shared by the Henry County police informed that the man in the picture stole a Bosch Rotary Laser Kit from the Home Depot in McDonough, Georgia. The police statement also requested anyone with information on the identity of the suspect to contact them.

Social media users reacted to the serious post on shoplifting with hilarious comments as they pointed out the man’s resemblance to the Silver Linings Playbook actor. One of the users commented, “Bradley Cooper really put in for this role.” Another user wrote that identifying the suspect was much easier since he looked very much like the Academy Award-nominated actor. The comment read, “Well, this is easy. Bradley Cooper. There ya go.”

Seeing someone who bears such close resemblance to the Hangover actor, some internet users wondered if Cooper was going through some rough days. The comment on the post read, “Bradley Cooper has seen better days.”

While some users wondered how someone could just steal such a large item from a shop, a user commented, “I don’t understand how someone can just casually walk out, past the cash register and no one sees him! I don’t get it!”

However, if reports are to be believed, the 47-year-old actor is busy directing his next film, titled Maestrowhich is being created for Netflix and will receive both a theatrical and streaming premiere.

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